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Playing Procedure and Rules
Choose a group you want to play with and the online Games that are available.Then under Voting select a match you wish to vote and vote the points in the range of 1 to 10 per match.You can check the status of your vote as well as other members of your group. You can change modify your vote to any match before its VOTE CLOSING TIME.For any match the vote closes before 12 am of the same day after which you can not vote.For example, If a Match is there on 1st jan 2015 , the vote closes on 1st jan midnight 2015.All the members of the group are allowed to vote upto 31st Dec 2014 11:59:59 only.(12:00:00 is not inclusive)

Terms and Conditions
How To Play

Guessing Villa purely guessing game to check sports knowledge.
Guessing Villa does not collect any kind of money from any participants.
Guessing Villa will not be responsible for any kind of miss usage of game.

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